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Many children have a natural interest in collecting items, and it’s common for parents to want to share interests of their own. Collecting coins is a great way to learn about history while developing patience and even understanding the value of money. Here are some simple ways to get kids interested in coin collecting.

Start Small

Although coin collecting is a rewarding hobby, children may get frustrated by the scarcity of certain coins. To avoid them getting discouraged too quickly, start them off with small, manageable collections at a beginner level. Whether it’s collecting Lincoln pennies or all 50 state quarters, be sure to start small and stay encouraging. In time, they will learn the valuable lesson that the enjoyment of coin collecting comes from the search! Later, they can begin searching for more rare coins such as silver coins that are still being circulated and could be sold for cash.

Display Passion

It’s common for young children to pick up on their parents’ interests naturally. However, some parents may assume that coin collecting might not be interesting to their children. One of the best ways to get children interested in coin collecting is to simply be vocally passionate about the past-time, sharing new finds, exciting coin sales, and even news from the community. When children can witness this passion without being forced to join in, they may naturally gravitate toward the hobby and want to follow in their parents’ footsteps.

Share the Social Side of Collecting

Many believe that coin collecting is an entirely solitary experience, which may be off-putting for children. However, this misconception couldn’t be any further from the truth. Show them the social side of coin collecting by taking a trip to a local coin shop, coin show, or even any museums where coins are displayed. This way, they can meet and chat with other coin collectors alongside their parents.

Coin collecting is a great way for parents and children to share an interest, and it can also be quite profitable in the long run. If you or your little one are interested in starting or expanding a collection, or you have coins that may be of value, visit Fair Oaks Coin & Bullion today or contact us at 916-965-1789.


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Some get started by inheriting a coin collection from a relative or stumbling on an interesting coin at a flea market. Others love to browse at the local coin shop but haven’t yet made a purchase. Whatever the reason for the attraction to this fascinating hobby, coin collecting combines the best attributes of a treasure hunt and a journey into history. If you’re interested in old coins but don’t know where to start, read on for a complete beginner’s guide to coin collecting.

Start Small

Novice coin collectors don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars to start an impressive collection. Check the local coin shop for smaller sets that can be easily assembled. Use these as a learning tool to explore the history of these coins and how they are graded and priced. Some popular routes for new coin collectors include a set of Lincoln pennies, proof and mint sets released annually by the U.S. Mint, and American Silver Eagle Bullion coins. Many people don’t even know they have interesting coins in that old change jar, such as Buffalo nickels or Sacajawea dollars.

Practice Proper Handling

Although we think of metal as durable, the truth is that handling old coins can damage the surface. Depending on the metal used, a coin may also have an undesirable reaction to the atmosphere. Wear cotton or latex gloves when handling an old coin. When this is not an option, hold them gently by the edges only. Never clean a coin, as doing so can drastically lower its value, or even render it worthless.

Store Coins Carefully

Humidity is the biggest threat to old coins, especially those made from copper and silver. Heat makes it easier for other environmental factors to damage a coin, while cold can leave water deposits that could damage the coin’s face. Environmental toxins like acid and chlorine are also of concern. Avoid these exposures with the proper storage for each specific coin. Choose an acid-free coin holder, album, or folder. These items can also help organize and catalog the collection. Once they are properly placed in the storage container, coins should be kept at room temperature. Avoid placing them in an attic or basement.

Expand Horizons

When it comes to amassing a coin collection, finding a small niche often leads to the greatest enjoyment. This should depend on the collector’s personal interest and can be anything from foreign currency to rare coins with errors to coins from a specific historical period. As time goes on, one will become more familiar with the coin collecting landscape and likely become particularly attracted to a specific area.

Are you looking for a local coin shop? Fair Oaks Coin & Bullion is a locally operated family-owned business with a wide selection of coins. We pride ourselves on our fair prices and our expertise, so we’re the perfect place for beginners to start building their coin collection. Visit our Sunrise Boulevard location today or contact us at (916) 965-1789.


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Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.