Since our beginning, Fair Oaks Coin & Bullion has been dedicated to being Sacramento’s trusted one-stop shop for the buying and selling of a variety of coins and bullion pieces.

Types of Coins and Bullion

We buy and sell several types of coins, including both American and foreign coins such as key date coins, gold coins, silver coins, rare coins, coin sets, U.S. Mint sets, U.S. silver sets, and more. Visit us to see our impressive collection of coins and bullion for sale, or bring your collection in for an appraisal.

Reasons to Invest in Coins and Bullion

There are several reasons why you should consider investing in the coin and bullion market. Due to the sometimes uncertain and fragile nature of the national and international financial markets, it is wise to have a trustworthy backup plan. Because some coins are still considered to be legal tender, they could prove to be valuable options in the unfortunate event of a financial crisis.

Another advantage is the variety of investment opportunities available. In fact, there are so many varieties of gold and silver coins that investors who are willing to put in the work can end up with a diverse portfolio and many opportunities for gains. Coin types include Gold Coins including Gold Krugerrands, Canada Maples, Mexico Gold, American Gold Eagles, Gold Bars, Gold Buffalos, Phil Harmonics, Corona’s, and all Silver Coins & Bars as well!!

Feel free to contact us at (916) 965-1789 or stop by and visit our coin shop today to learn more about our services and our extensive collection of valuable pieces.

Here at Fair Oaks Coin and Bullion, we specialize in:

  • Rare Coins
  • Key Date Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins
  • Silver Dollars
  • And more…

We Also Buy & Sell All Type of US/Foreign Coins

  • Commemorative Coins
  • US Mint Commemorative Coins
  • Bicentennial Proof Commemorative
  • Silver Commemorative
  • Baseball Commemorative Coins
  • Military Commemorative Coins (Army, Marines)
  • Commemorative Dollars
  • Commemorative Half Dollars
  • And more…

We Buy & Sell Coin Sets

  • Proof Sets
  • Mints Sets
  • Special Mint Sets
  • Type Sets
  • Presidential Sets
  • Bicentennial Coin Sets
  • World Sets
  • Canada Sets
  • Euro Sets
  • Military Sets
  • US Mint Sets
  • US Silver Sets
  • US Commemorative Sets
  • US Mint Proof Sets
  • Coin Sets Of All Nations
  • Complete US Coin Sets
  • Coin Sets By Year
  • And more…